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About us

Established in 2017, Sowenna Fishing is a family run business passionate about doing our best to give people a memorable day on the water.

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Skipper Dan

A Looe boy, Dan has been working in and around the sea for over 20 years. His fishing career began at the age of 17 and for over 14 years Dan worked on several of the commercial boats, crewing and skippering as a trawler fisherman. A personal accident brought Dan ashore where he then worked as a marine engineer fixing the local commercial fishing fleet. It wasn't long before Dan realised he needed to be back on the water, so in spring 2017, a few weeks before his trainee skipper was born, he bought Sowenna. They say find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life, well Dan has found his. He is passionate about ensuring his customers have a great experience, not afraid to relocate to find fish and makes a cracking cup of tea! Dan's determination and extensive knowledge of the local fishing waters means he will find those fish! 

Away from the boat, Dan and his wife live locally and enjoy showing their two children nature's amazing free playground on their doorstep!



Sowenna is a 38 ft Lochin  boat, with 320hp engine. The boat is an incredibly capable fishing platform proven by its heritage as a lifeboat hull.

The vessel was renamed in 2017 when she was purchased by Dan, Sowenna meaning 'success' in Cornish.


Our Fishing Destinations

Looe is a small town and fishing port on the south east Cornwall coast. A popular tourist destination, Looe is a great base for exploring Cornwall and a start for your fishing adventure. 

The fishing grounds are only a few miles off Looe, meaning more time on the rods and less time travelling. For shark fishing we tend to go deeper in the channel to find the biggest catch, the journey is usually worth it! Luckily there is plenty of beautiful scenery to look at and plenty of wildlife to spot such as dolphins, seals and unusual fish.

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