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Shark fishing

From around June until late September the waters off Looe are visited by migratory blue sharks. Charter boats have been running shark fishing trips from Looe for decades, cementing the town's reputation for amazing fishing.


A typical day shark fishing begins at 8am as we leave the quay and steam out to sea. A quick stop in the bay gets the rods twitching for a few strings of mackerel and that's the bait for the day sorted. From there, we usually steam anywhere 12 -18 miles to the shark grounds.


Once on the shark grounds, the engine is stopped and we set to getting the chum bags in the water. Oily fish like pilchard and mackerel are used for maximum 'shark attraction factor'. We use top quality Penn rods and reels. For a brand which holds over 1400 IGFA world records, they really are the reels of champions. The gear is set out and we wait for our seasonal visitors to turn up. A click of the reel ratchet is what we are waiting for and that's when we know we are onto a shark. 

All sharks are handled following best practice, as laid out by the Shark Angling Club of Great Britain, and wherever possible they are released in the water. The welfare of the sharks is our top priority.  We measure, tag and release fish and data is collected.

Shark fishing charters are priced per 8, 10 or 12 hour day. The maximum number of anglers is six. Why not book the boat with a group of friends for a memorable day out.

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